Yudi Latif: the spirit of TWK is to educate, not to punish

TWK is the benchmark for an employee to become the civil apparatus of the State.

medialnews, JAKARTA – National alliance expert Yudi Latif said the National Insight Test (TWK) is a measure that allows an employee to become a civil servant (ASN). According to him, TWK was implemented in the spirit of education, of punishment.

“His enthusiasm does not take people further away from the perception of nationality. So there is an educational process. That is why it needs to be categorized and how serious is the bad insight,” Yudi told the journalists, Friday (28/5).

Yudi explained, through TWK, that the government should also provide guidance. Thus, groups seen as deviating from the national perspective can be educated and can also be embraced.

“But in essence, the duty of the country apart from punishment must be to educate. So the groups that are starting to be seen as deviant, their enthusiasm is not even to eliminate but to embrace and educate, ”he said.

He also explained TWK’s red bulletins, which have recently become very busy because 51 employees of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) were declared unable to continue their careers at KPK because of it. He said the red bulletin could be classified as an employee who no longer wanted to work for a public institution.

“First, you have to ask yourself whether you want to continue or not? If we continue, these are the conditions that must be met, ”he explained.

Because, says Yudi, the meaning of red or not is actually relative. He was of the opinion that red means the person doesn’t want to work in state institutions because he sees this country as Thailand and things like that.

“In my opinion, the Reds refuse to work in state institutions because this country is reluctant. They have engaged in terrorist acts. There is an intention to overthrow the state order. This will not really be forgiven,” Yudi said.

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