Jambi Dugem high school students in the regent’s office, the EO permit is revoked

VIVA – The Dick Jockey (DJ) party is like the sparkling world (Dugem) of Tanjabbarat Jambi Regent’s Office Hall nightclub, infuriating the regent. Consequently, the license of the organizer or event organizer (EO) The Tungkal project is revoked.

Tanjabbarat Regent Anwar Sadat, once confirmed, said the student-led unrest in the regent’s office violated COVID-19 rules and added that the activities were carried out just before Ramadan.

“I insist that I will revoke the permit because what the Tungkal project has done is very fatal and embarrassing,” he said.

Anwar Sadat said that the actions carried out by SMA were initially rejected by the police because they went too far and for these actions.

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