With Rapper Angelbert, Bella Queen Wants More Than Just Ordinary Friends: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTASworddut Bella Queen got her start in the indonesian dangdut music industry thanks to Single first, Ordinary friend. The 2019 KDI stall took Angelbert, rapper from North Halmahera.

Wearing the kind of dangdut mix, Ordinary friend is about someone looking for certainty in a relationship. “Right from the start, I met Brother Angelbert and heard the song, I liked it right away. Imagine it would be cool to collaborate with rappers, ”he said.

Interestingly, the kind of dangdut in the song Ordinary friend which was sung by Bella Queen, was nicely dressed with oriental Indonesian music. Not only that, Angelbert also gave a hip hop touch to this song by singing rap.

Bella Queen.

“The lyrics of this song right already very optimistic eh. About finding certainty in a relationship, in order not to become pessimistic, the music has to be cheerful, ”Angelbert said.

Through songs Ordinary friend, Bella Queen and Angelbert hope to be able to give a new color to the Indonesian music industry. “I hope this song can be theme song for all couples who are waiting for certainty, ”he added.

The music video for the song “Friends of the Ordinary” by Bella Queen and Angelbert can be viewed on the Swara Bintang Records YouTube channel. Don’t forget to download the song and put it in a playlist on your favorite digital music platform. *

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