Virtual Policing Seen As A Breakthrough In Persuasive Law Enforcement

VIVA – A legal expert who is also a former professor of criminal law at the University of Indonesia, Teuku Nasrullah, mentions virtual police as the national police’s breakthrough in persuasive law enforcement. Nasrullah hopes Polri’s efforts through the virtual police can be categorized as efforts to restore order.

“Let’s keep and keep together so that this virtual policeman is not designed to criticize people. However, to remind the public that our behavior in cyberspace must be ordered, in a way, it must be ordered from the moment we think, it is the virtual duty of the police, ”he said. , Saturday May 8, 2021.

Teuku Nasrullah appreciates the implementation of the virtual police, but according to him it must be carried out within the framework and the efforts to avoid disrupting the freedom of expression, expressing opinions, criticizing and correcting in cyberspace. .

This legal step, he said, is interesting.

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