Verstappen will raise the issue of the track limits after the controversy in Bahrain

Jakarta (medialnews) – Max Verstappen will raise the issue of track limits ahead of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in Imola, Italy, this weekend after the Red Bull driver failed to beat Lewis Hamilton for being out of the circuit. Bahrain was driving.

Verstappen had to return race leadership to Hamilton on the last lap of the Bahrain Grand Prix because the Dutch racer was deemed to have exceeded the track limit when overtaking his British rival in turn 4.

Ahead of Emilia Romagna’s GP, Verstappen is still concerned about why Hamilton was not penalized for exceeding the track limit in the same corner, as expressed by team principal Christian Horner who asked for the race director’s consistency.

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“It’s just a matter of whether you can go broad or not,” said Verstappen as quoted on F1’s official website.

“Of course I can understand when I overtake on the outside of the track, which is not allowed, I understand – you can’t take advantage of it by going wide, overtaking – so why is Andra allowed to do that to yourself?

“That’s what I don’t think is true, so we’ll talk about it with the drivers and also with Michael (Masi, FIA race director), but we’ll see what the results will be. I think it’s the cause. race to be a little messy.

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“I think everything was really tight before that and I thought it was good how we did everything, but in the race … I think Lewis is going wide for 30 laps or thereabouts and he has the advantage of time there and then. when i try. it for two rounds. and they ban me, so that’s a bit weird. “

After the Bahrain Grand Prix, Masi emphasized that it was very clear that any racer who overtakes the track will have to give up his position again.

Imola Verstappen, however, wants a more straightforward approach to the problem.

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“It will be easier if you just put a wall or gravel there. That will really help, because we have to stay on the curb in qualifying, so that’s what I do in the race to make it clearer,” said Verstappen. .

“I was wide with Lewis, so I did that for two laps, but then I can’t do that again, so I guess you … can’t change that in the race.”

For races at Imola, the Race Director’s records state that lap times taken during a training session or race will be canceled if a racer crosses the track boundary at the exit of Turn 9, Turn 13 or Turn 15.

Any racer who violates the above rules three times during the race will receive a black and white flag warning and subsequent violations will be immediately reported to the race organizer.

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Reporter: Aditya Eko Sigit Wicaksono
Editor: Teguh Handoko

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