Unique Bridal Shower at Citra Monica: Around the Mall with a Face Full of Scribbles: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The singer of the group Seventeen, aka Riefian Fajarsyah Ifan seventeen will release the status of widower by modifying Image of Monica, May 29. This happy event will take place in a luxury hotel in West Jakarta.

As her happy day approaches, Citra is known to have organized the event bridal shower. During the event, she paraded through the mall wearing a light pink wedding dress and a tiara on her head.

Image of Monica. (Photo: Wedding Factory)

Not only that, his face was covered in red graffiti that read “Pengin Ifan, Sold out”. With this appearance, Citra is forced by her friends to take a walk in the mall.

“Parade at the mall, said to walk like a model. Greet people you don’t know, ask for selfies, bend over while jogging in a mall full of visitors,” he said via Instagram , May 23, 2021.

Citra Monica added: “You are indeed champions, it makes me embarrassed. But somehow I’m happy. This is how I feel. ”

Image of Monica. (Photo: Wedding Factory)

Previously, Citra also shared the moment she was paraded by car around her residential complex. On his head was a paper wreath with the words “ ideal son-in-law ”, while on his forehead the words “ want to marry ” were written. *

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