Tya Ariestya almost fell ill with the child, had a high fever and often shivered

medialnews – In the midst of this pandemic, a number of celebrities are known to have fallen ill. Recently a beautiful actress Tya Ariestya hospitalization as well. This was revealed by the celebrity who experienced the drastic weight loss on Instagram Thursday (6/5) yesterday.

Initially, he only took his child to emergencies. Apparently, your little one needs some grooming. What he did not expect, the next day he fell ill with the same disease as the little one.

1. The same pain

“Three days ago, I took Kanaka’s brother to the emergency room and continued to be treated. The next day the mother had a high fever and was immediately taken to the emergency room, and he turned out to be the same patient as Kanaka ”. Tya wrote.

Interestingly, Kanaka’s room was eventually turned into a room with Tya. Kanaka gradually improved as Tya was still shaking.

2. Always shivering

“So far Kanaka’s condition has improved a lot, her fever is already at 38 and starting to be active. Only the mother who still has a high fever fluctuates and is still shivering frequently,” Tya continued.

The actress born March 30, 1983 asked for prayers that she would recover quickly and be able to be with her family again.

3. Want to get well soon

“Please pray that you can quickly reunite with other families at home with other families and regain good health,” Tya concluded.

Maintaining health in the midst of this pandemic is very important, KLovers. Additionally, always make sure to #IngatPesanIbu. Wear a mask, wash your hands diligently, limit mobility, stay away from crowds, and keep your distance. We wish you all good health.

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