Tsania Marwa in Children: Umi Never Leave You: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Tsania Marwa wrote touching messages for her two children, Syarief and Shabira. The pesinetron pointed out that he had never left them, even though he had left Atalarik Shah’s house.

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“One day you will see all these stories, you can see the truth. UMI NEVER LET YOU NAK! Umi got out of the house correctly, YOU BRING, but then FORCED taken by them, and after that was not allowed to access until this moment. ”, wrote Tsania Marwa, quoted Sunday (05/02/2021).

“So for all the FITNAH that says umi left you is not true and now you understand WHY umi chose to part with a family like that !!!” He continued.

On April 29, Tsania Marwa met Syarief and Shabira. In addition to giving up homesickness, the 30-year-old actress should have brought her baby home after the meeting. However, for some reason, he failed to get them home.

“Message to Syarif Shabira. Thank you for the few minutes you gave Umi yesterday (before the moment was deliberately destroyed),” Tsania Marwa said.

“They might succeed in making you fear like UMI, but one thing Umi is grateful for, they can’t get rid of YOUR LOVE FOR UMI!” he added.

Tsania Marwa

As reported, Atalarik Syah and Tsania Marwa officially divorced on August 15, 2017. The ex-couple’s divorce was legalized by the Cibinong religious court.

According to the court’s provisions, custody of the child falls to Tsania Marwa. But so far, their two children are still under Atalarik Shah’s supervision.

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