TPP ASN Sulbar is paid before Eid

Mamuju (medialnews) – Employee Supplementary Income (TPP) under West Sulawesi Provincial Government is paid before Idul Fitri 1442 Hijriah.

West Sulawesi provincial government regional secretary Muhammad Idris in Mamuju said on Sunday that the local government had held a meeting to finalize the granting of the ASN TPP to the local provincial government.

He said it had been agreed that the ASN TPP payment in West Sulawesi which had not been paid for three months would be attempted to be paid before Eid.

“TPP payments will be made before Eid Al-Fitr with administrative arrangements for only three months, namely from January to March,” he said.

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He said the PTP payments were made in accordance with the governor’s regulation. The compensation will be granted at 100% and ASN as a whole will draft a letter of responsibility manually.

He said that the PTP rating for level I officials, the workload calculation was 75 percent and the job performance was 25 percent.

For officials in Levels II to IV the workload is estimated at 85 percent and job performance at 15 percent, while for executors and functions the workload is 75 percent and performance at work is 25 percent.

“The TPP Pergub is decided by decree of the governor in accordance with the applicable provisions, and the presence and activity of ASN will be a testament to the leadership of the regional device organizations (DPOs) in the supply of the TPP”, he said. -he declares.

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Rapporteur: Mr. Faisal Hanapi
Editor: M. Hari Atmoko

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