Tourists are stuck in traffic on the Garut Regency Coastal Tourist Route

Garut (medialnews) – A number of tourists who want to return home or visit a resort tourist object in Garut Regency, West Java, are stuck in traffic jams for hours due to the large number of vehicles and landslides on the Garut-Pameungpeuk route, Saturday.

A tourist from Garut, Soni, admitted to being stuck in a traffic jam for two hours in the Mount Geulap area in the Cisompet district on his way to a seaside attraction in the southern Garut area.

“It was creepy, the car didn’t move forward, a lot of motorcyclists stole the road so the car couldn’t roll,” he said.

Andri, a resident of Karangpawitan District, Garut, is other tourists stranded in traffic on the Garut Coastal Tourist Route. He was stuck in traffic in the Cisompet area as he was about to return from a trip to the south coast of Garut.

The ride, which should have been completed in about three hours, he said, was currently stuck in traffic jams in the Cisompet area from the afternoon until 7:30 p.m. WIB.

“This congestion is happening because there is a narrowing of the road in the Cihideung area, so there are quite a few vehicles that want to go home,” he said.

Garut AKBP Police Complex Chief Adi Benny Cahyono has confirmed traffic congestion on the Coastal Tourist Route or Garut-Pameungpeuk South Route due to the large number of tourist vehicles during the Eid al holiday season. -Fitr.

In addition, he continued, information on the ground was due to landslides that closed part of the road due to queues of vehicles in the Gunung Gelap area, in the district of Cisompet.

“This afternoon, the traffic jams were quite long at Mount Gelap because there was a landslide which closed part of the road, but it was cleared by PUPR agents,” he said. -he says.

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Journalist: Feri Purnama
Editor: M. Hari Atmoko

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