TNI-Polri repaired the bridge connecting the villages of Ikebo-Kimupugi

thanks to TNI Polri

Dogiyai (medialnews) – Military personnel of 1705 Koramil and Polri repaired the bridge connecting Ikebo-Kimupugi village, Kamuu district, Dogiyai district, Papua province to prevent traffic accidents for residents and vehicles .

Kamuu District Chief Maximus Dogomo, in a statement received by medialnews on Sunday evening, said the bridge repairs were carried out to avoid accidents that often occurred due to damage to the bridge between the two villages.

“There have often been accidents due to damage to this bridge, so I support holding joint activities to repair the damaged bridge,” Kadistrik explained.

Kauu Kadistrik Maximus Dogomo accompanied by Danramil added that this activity is the duty and responsibility of the territorial apparatus to see all the problems that exist in the village assisted.

Journalist: Muhsidin
Editor: Budhi Santoso

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