Tissa Biani and Dul Jaelani Joget TikTok, Safeea Ahmad Dikira Cimoy Montok: Okezone celebrity

TISSA Biani and Dul Jaelani played closely. After getting closer to Maia Estianty and Dul’s siblings, Al and El, Tissa is now trying to get closer to her boyfriend’s stepsister, Safeea Ahmad.

After taking Safeea for a walk at the mall together, Tissa was recently seen uploading a video of herself and the 10-year-old boy dancing on TikTok. In the video, Dul even looks overwhelmed by the movements of his lover and his stepsister.

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“Shafeea is already big, bun,” the igtainmenttt account wrote in Tissa Biani’s TikTok video with Dul and Safeea.

The video uploaded to one of the gossip accounts suddenly hurt one of the netizens to concentrate. He thinks Tissa and Dul made a TikTok video with Cimoy Montok.

“I’m sorry I thought cimoi,” wrote nazwa_zee94.

This comment immediately elicited the same reaction as other Internet users. Even netizens admit that if they don’t read the video description, they think Dul and Tissa are collaborating with Cimoy Montok.

“@ nazwa_zee94 I also think cimoy..salfok if I don’t read the caption,” wrote marcia.nurma.

“@ nazwa_zee94 samaa, I have a big debate on Cimoy, now I have a circle with him,” wrote dindadisini77.

“@ nazwa_zee94 I’m sorry. I think it was the same before I read the caption,” joanna_prasetyo_ wrote.

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