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Amid the pandemic and Eid celebrations, a number of tourist spots in Jakarta and the region appear to be crowded with a sea of ​​people on vacation.

The ocean of people can be seen from several viral photos on social media. This is worrying because they do not adhere to health protocols by keeping their distance.

For example, the location of Batukaras Beach in Pangandaran, the crowds in Ancol and Taman Mini Indonesia Indah with over 10,000 visitors, and several other tourist sites in Indonesia.

Ancol is full of tourists

With so many people, it is dangerous if there is transmission of Covid-19 between fellow citizens on vacation.

Epidemiologist at Griffith University in Australia, explained Dicky Budiman, the spread of the corona virus in Indonesia is already at its worst. That is, the risk of spread is very possible.

“Indonesia is already at the level of infection in the community. It is the worst level. Indonesia has been at this level for a year according to the World Health Organization (WHO). there is such activity, yes it is likely that there will be transmission, ”Dicky said recently.

However, he regrets that Indonesia’s 3T efforts (tracing, tracking, testing) are still very weak. Therefore, he called on the regional government to take precautionary measures to prevent the clustering of tourist sites after the fires, namely 8 points, among others.

1. Rapid, strong and measurable response at all levels of government and sector. So everyone prepared for the worst case scenario.

2. A risk communication strategy is developed and quality is maintained to create the same risk perception for all parties.

3. Strengthen surveillance, especially in health facilities, communities, and the genome needs to be replicated.

4. An active Community Outreach program.

5. Strengthen the referral system for health facility services, ensuring the availability of good medical devices and quality human resources.

6. Accelerate vaccination against the elderly and comorbid groups.

7. New normal literacy that supports 5M with public empowerment.

8. Preparation of selected Java-Bali options and excluding Java PSBB.

“These eight points are steps the government must take to anticipate a peak in the Covid-19 affair. It must be done together, the government cannot do it alone, it must be done by all regions,” said said Dicky.

Dicky also asked, if the tour manager did not ensure the discipline of health protocols, then the only way was to shut down the tourist sites.


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