There is a gravity effect during a lunar eclipse, beware of flooding Rob

VIVA – The public is urged to be aware of the possibility of tidal flooding during the Total Lunar Eclipse (GBT) which occurred this afternoon. This was conveyed by the hydrology and water resources expert, Jenderal Soedirman University, Yanto.

“In general, during an eclipse, the gravitational effect of the Moon and the Sun on the tides of seawater is maximized,” he told Purwokerto, Banyumas, Wednesday May 26, 2021.

However, he said, the impact on the possibility of tidal flooding is influenced by the tidal conditions at each location.

“If the peak of GBT occurs simultaneously with the maximum seawater tide, then the possibility of tidal flooding is very great. Conversely, if at the time of GBT it reaches the peak, the water conditions of sea ​​in a receding location, then the possibility of tidal occurrence is low, ”he said.

He added that based on the BMKG and LAPAN forecast, the GBT peak tonight will occur around 18.18 WIB or 19.18 WITA or 20.18 WITA.

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