The woman’s cooking is “desirous medicine” for the captain of PSS Sleman

Jakarta (medialnews) – PSS Sleman captain Bagus Nirwanto admits his wife’s cooking is an effective remedy for homesickness after missing Sahur’s first day and breaking the fast outside the family.

“Alhamdulillah, I can meet with my family during Ramadan. Besides, I can break the fast together with my wife and children, something I also miss is enjoying my wife’s cooking,” said Bagus on the official website of the club, Thursday. .

PSS Sleman’s management gave their team a temporary break after struggling for a month in the 2021 Menpora Cup tournament.

In the tournament, the Super Elja player managed to take third place, with the progress of the game getting better in every match he played.

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For this achievement, the player who was born in Sidoarjo on March 23, 1993 also admitted to being grateful.

“My friends and I are very grateful for this result. We can take third place in the Menpora Cup,” said Munyeng, the nickname of the 28-year-old player.

Bagus appreciates the team’s efforts and cohesion during the 2021 Menpora Cup. He also asked his colleagues to bring this spirit to the next game.

“All players have done their best. On the other hand, we are also more compact in the game. Hopefully this result can spark the enthusiasm of the players to welcome the upcoming competition so that PSS can participate in the top flight. Amen Allahumma. ‘he said.

After being closed for 21 days, the penggawa will be collected again in Sleman on 19 May.

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