The story of Zee hiding Papa’s identity until Sisca berates him. JKT48: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Back to the Lambe 48 podcast which will discuss interesting facts from the members of JKT48. This episode will bring you facts from Zee JKT48.

It turned out that Papa Zee supported the princess to join JKT48 due to the well-known golden rules of no dating. Since Zee is the only daughter, her father is therefore quite protective.

Zee JKT48

Zee also really hides his father’s identity, as he doesn’t want to be known as an artist’s son. He wants to be known as Zee JKT48 because his efforts are not due to the help of anyone, including his father.

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During the rehearsal for JKT48’s birthday concert, Zee was also scolded by Sisca JKT48, you know. Instead of being sad, Zee said, “It’s fun.”

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