The special COVID-19 school bus in Kalideres will be on hold until May 31, 2021

We are assisted by UPT school bus for DKI Jakarta transport agency up to six buses

Jakarta (medialnews) – Up to six school buses in the Kalideres Bus Station area, West Jakarta, are waiting to carry passengers with COVID-19 indication at Wisma Atlet, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta to as of May 31, 2021.

Kalideres terminal chief Revi Zulkarnain said his party was assisted by the Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Transport Office to provide six bus units per day for the facilities. passenger transport indicated as positive for COVID-19 antigen swab test at the Kalideres terminal.

“We are assisted by the UPT school buses from the DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency for up to six buses a day until May 31, 2021,” Revi said at the Kalideres bus station in west Jakarta on Tuesday.

Revi added that the drivers of the six buses were fitted with personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect them from infection with the SARS-COV-2 virus.

The school bus is also specially designed to transport COVID-19 patients to Wisma Atlet Kemayoran in central Jakarta.

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“Those with positive indications are transported by school bus to Wisma Atlet, special school buses for transporting COVID-19 patients,” Revi said.

In addition, an emergency ambulance unit is stationed in front of the headquarters of the Kalideres terminal.

Revi said the ambulance was to transport a medical team tasked with checking the health of each passenger in the terminal area.

He said that until 1:00 p.m. WIB on Tuesday, a passenger had tested positive for COVID-19 after undergoing an antigen collection test at the Kalideres terminal.

“For a positive result, we asked him to perform the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test and were referred to Wisma Atlet,” Revi said.

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From May 16 to 25, 2021, the Kalideres bus terminal identified up to 10 people who tested positive for COVID-19 based on the results of the antigen collection test out of a total of 1,477 people who were examined.

“There were 1,477 people who had an antigen collection test and 10 people (indicated) tested positive for COVID-19. Today we performed an antigen collection test on 42 people. , which were positive for one person, ”Revi said.

In addition, Kalideres Terminal has also performed GeNose tests on 712 people, but no passengers have yet tested positive for COVID-19.

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Journalist: Abdu Faisal
Editor: Edy Sujatmiko

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