The Selo group has positive impacts through sustainable programs for communities and the environment in Lombok

INDONESIAMAGZ – The Selo Group supports various sustainability programs in Lombok, these programs include environmental sustainability, community empowerment and contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Selo Group, an award-winning and fully integrated development company based in Singapore, continues to strive to positively impact people and the environment in Lombok through various sustainability programs.

Danar Dewantoro, Learning Development, Selo Group, said. Commitment Selo’s efforts towards sustainability are reflected in Selo’s operations and involvement with the local community and the surrounding environment.

“Sustainability is the main pillar of the Selo Group and we prove our commitment to operations and our involvement with the local community of Lombok,” Danar said in a statement received Tuesday (9/2/2021).

From providing jobs and training local communities, supporting infrastructure for schools and implementing a zero waste strategy, we are happy to be able to give back to the community and preserve the natural beauty that we call home. ” He continued.

The sustainable development initiatives of the Selo Footprints program include creating jobs for the community to encourage growth and improve living standards in the Selong Belanak region, as well as support during natural disasters.

The company also coordinates and participates in beach clean-up actions, supports local schools and is a member of the Selong Belanak Community Association, which focuses on environmental sustainability, waste management and community development.

Support in the event of a pandemic
Selo realized that the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world, including Indonesia, was having a significant impact on the economy. To help those affected by the pandemic, Selo is trying to continue providing jobs for construction workers, most of whom come from neighboring villages. This is done to help those who lost their previous job to continue supporting their families.

Natural disaster relief
Selo provided support and assistance to disaster-affected communities by distributing basic food items to earthquake victims in the northern part of Lombok.

Beach cleaning action
In addition to helping those affected by disasters, Selo also believes in the importance of preserving the environment. Selo coordinated and regularly participated in beach cleaning actions, as well as educating the surrounding community on the importance of reducing plastic waste for the cleanliness of the environment and encouraging tourism.

Zero waste
Selo is committed to reducing construction waste by implementing a Zero Waste strategy. Selo Group supports the reduction of the use of single-use plastics and plastic water bottles, reducing waste that goes to landfills (TPA) and the ocean. To reduce waste, Selo practices recycling and reuse by sorting and processing waste at the Selong Selo Waste Management Facility to make environmentally friendly fuels, fertilizers for organic farming and production. of materials reused in construction.

Pack for a purpose
Selo is committed to reaching the community through volunteer activities and donations as part of the Pack For a Purpose program. Through this program, Selo invites resort guests to support the local village community by bringing in portable donation items such as clothes, shoes and school supplies.

Support for local schools and sports clubs
Selo believes that a strong and advanced society will be achieved if the well-being and education of children is improved. Selo has provided support to local schools by helping to provide essential infrastructure such as water tanks and the internet. Selo also contributed to the establishment of sports clubs such as the Selo Football Club.

Selo is also working to improve education in one of the remote villages, the village of Jowet, by providing internet access to schools, launching English language education programs and tourism courses, and organizing events. auctions of t-shirts and pants.

Empowerment of the community and associations
As a responsible business, Selo understands the needs of the local community. The company empowered the local population by hiring them in many important positions. It is believed that creating sustainable jobs for the community can encourage growth and improve the standard of living of people in the Selong Belanak region.

Selo is also a member of the Selong Belanak Community Association – an organization that focuses on environmental sustainability, waste management and community development in Selong Belanak.

Selo pension fund
Established in 2019, the Selo pension fund is intended to be a form of support and appreciation for loyal and trustworthy employees of the company, as well as to help them plan for their retirement at the age of 55. Full-time employees are eligible to become members of the retirement program at the end of the 24-month welcome period.

Selo also cares about its employees by contributing funds for future retirement, offering competitive salaries, health protection, paid time off and joining the government BPJS program. Through this sustainable program, Selo hopes to create and maintain a positive impact on society and the environment.



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