The regional office chooses Eid with his ex-wife, Rohimah Sindir Venti

Sunday May 16, 2021 – 6:39 AM WIB

Regional office chooses Eid with ex-wife, Rohimah Sindir Venti -

Kiwil chose to celebrate Eid with Rohimah because he missed his ex-wife’s jengkol cuisine. Indosiar YouTube screenshot

medialnews, JAKARTA – Comedian Kiwil has chosen to celebrate Eid al-Fitr with his ex-wife, Rohimah.

Interestingly, they wore uniforms together and participated in the Eid prayers together.

He also hopes that no one will be hurt as the Regional Office is not partying with Venti Figianti in Bandung.

“I did not invite him, the children who were missed by their father. Bang Kiwil did,” he said on the Indosiar YouTube channel.

This was confirmed by the Regional Office. In addition to missing her children, there is another mission that she chooses for Eid at Rohimah.

“I miss your mother’s cooking. It’s second to none,” Kiwil said.

Rohimah revealed that the Eid menus she always cooks were stews of ketupat, lontong sayur, rendang and jengkol.

The Jengkol made by Rohimah has apparently always been recalled by Kiwil.


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