The price of Pacific Vigilon 1.0 mountain bikes drops to just IDR 2 million, the cheapest in the series

MEDIALNEWS.COM – The price of the Pacific Vigilon 1.0 size 26 “mountain bike is now only Rp. 2 million. The cheapest of the Vigilon series, take a look at the prices and specs of the latest Pacific Vigilon 1.0 mountain bikes here.

For some people, cycling may be an alternative sport that you can enjoy when the corona virus pandemic strikes. Besides being fun, horseback riding can also keep the body in shape so that immunity increases.

At times, they can do this fun and exciting activity. Like in the afternoon when you come home from work or on weekends on vacation.

But for those of you who don’t have a bike yet, there are some great options that you can check out through this article.

In Indonesia, there are several popular types of bicycles. Folding bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes.

If you are looking for an ATV with a budget of IDR 2 million, this Pacific ATV may be a good option.

This is a Pacific Vigilon 1.0 26 “mountain bike. The price of this Pacific Vigilon mountain bike is quite affordable.

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In terms of specs, this Pacific Vigilon mountain bike is capable too.

Frame The Pacific Vigilon mountain bike series uses this material alloy. This material is known to be light but strong, even if it is extreme terrain.

As a mountain bike, Pacific Vigilon has a suspension that sits up front. This allows Pacific Vigilon 1.0 mountain bikes to stay comfortable when traversing rough terrain.

Shifter This Pacific Vigilon series mountain bike uses the Shimano Toruney STEF500. Provide 3×7 options speed which can be used as needed.

In terms of braking, this Pacific Vigilon ATV was used mechanical disc brake.

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Still light in the pocket, here are the prices of the Pacific Vigilon 1.0 26 ” MTB and other interesting options:

Pacific Vigilon 1.0 Mountain Bike 26

  • Pacific Vigilon 1.0 26 “- Rp. 2,785,000
  • Pacific Vigilon 1.0 27.5 “- 2,910,000 Rp
  • Pacific Vigilon 2.0 27.5 “- Rp. 3,650,000

You can redeem the price of the above Pacific mountain bikes at the nearest bike shop or point of sale. Prices for Pacific Mountain Bikes are taken from the official Pacific Indonesia website.

Please note that stocks and prices for Pacific mountain bikes are subject to change.

In closing, don’t forget to follow the applicable health regulations and protocols. And don’t forget to always wear a mask when riding!


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