The Persija coach admitted that PSM Makassar’s defense was very strong

Yogyakarta (medialnews) – Persija Jakarta coach Sudirman admitted that PSM Makassar’s defense was very strong, making it difficult for his team to score goals in the 2021 Menpora Cup semi-finals at Maguwoharjo Stadium, Sleman, Yogyakarta Special Region, Thursday evening. finished with a score of 0-0.

“I think PSM’s defense is very strong and they play with fanaticism, so persistent that the odds we got were not turned into goals,” Sudirman said during a virtual press conference after the game.

The first game of the semifinal, Sudirman admitted, was very tough. In addition to the two teams both determined to win, the slippery field conditions, which were slippery with rain, also contributed to the Kemayoran Tigers’ inconvenience in turning some opportunities into goals.

“So this draw is a very reasonable result in tonight’s game,” he said.

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Sudirman also regretted that Marco Motta should be rewarded with a red card when the tension in the game was high to beat Juku Eja.

He hopes the Italian-born player’s red card will not target other Persija players in the next semifinal.

“I hope my players don’t get another red card in the second leg. It’s a shame when we press, we need players who are all complete, but we’re losing players,” he said.

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Persija player Riko Simanjuntak agrees with his coach’s opinion. He admitted it was a hassle to get through to PSM Makassar’s defense, which was so strong that it was unable to turn opportunities into goals.

“For the next race that will be our homework. We have a second stage, we have to think about that, we forget this. We concentrate on the second stage because we think we want to go to the final”, he said. Riko.

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Reporter: Luqman Hakim
Editor: Gilang Galiartha

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