The Persib coach reminds players to apply the prokes when celebrating Eid

Jakarta (medialnews) – Persib Bandung coach Robert Rene Alberts reminded all parties, especially players, to remain disciplined in implementing health protocols (prokes) when celebrating Eid with a happy atmosphere.

“We see that a number of regulations were implemented in several countries in the world because of COVID-19. In several other areas, many people began to understand how to co-exist with COVID-19,” said Robert. the club’s official website, Thursday.

“But the most important thing is how we all play a role in stopping the spread of this virus,” added the 66-year-old coach.

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To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the government has also implemented a policy to ban going home on this Eid.

“We have to follow the rules. Stay at home. Remember that COVID-19 can spread from one person to many people. We have to be aware of that,” said Robert.

However, the Dutch coach said that everyone has an active role to play in determining the spread of the corona virus.

“We still have to think positively and believe that there will certainly be a solution. We can still do many things, although we cannot do them all,” said Robert.

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Persib Bandung fired players from group training activities for more than three weeks after completing the 2021 Menpora Cup tournament.

As of April 27, 2021, training activities with Persib players will be closed and the team plans to reunite on May 22.

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