The number of positive COVID-19 cases in Jakarta increased by 807

Jakarta (medialnews) – The total positive COVID-19 cases in DKI Jakarta on Saturday (29/5) was 428,269 cases after adding 807 new cases compared to the previous number of 427,462 cases.

Based on data from the provincial government DKI Jakarta on the page, on Saturday, the additional 807 positive cases of COVID-19 in Jakarta were the result of swab examinations (PCR swab test) the day before, i.e. Friday (28/5).

Meanwhile, the number of patients recovering from COVID-19 exposure in Jakarta is based on 1,011 people. The total number of cured patients increased from 409,497 to 410,508 people.

With the addition of 1,011 recovered COVID-19 patients, the number of active cases that are still being treated or isolated has decreased by 212 people from the previous number of 10,677 people. The current total number of active cases is 10,465 people.

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With a total of 410,508 cured patients, Jakarta has a recovery percentage of 95.9% (up from 95.8% previously) of the total 428,269 positive cases of COVID-19.

Of the total cumulative COVID-19 cases of 428,269 cases, 7,296 of them died after the death of eight more people compared to the previous figure of 7,288 people. This figure is 1.7 percent (the same as before percent) of the total number of cumulative positive cases.

From the number of tests, DKI Jakarta recorded the percentage of positive cases based on the number of tests (positivity rate) COVID-19 over the past week in Jakarta, after this Saturday’s development report, was 7.6% (up from 7.7% previously).

In view of the incomplete development of COVID-19, Antara Editorial reminds readers to pay attention and implement the principles of health protocols in their daily activities, namely:
• Stay home and do not go out if there is no urgent need.
• Avoid the crowds.
• Always operate 3M: Wear masks properly, maintain a safe distance of 1.5-2 meters, and wash your hands regularly with soap and running water.
• Remind others to always follow health protocols.

Journalist: Ricky Prayoga
Editor: Sri Muryono

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