The main road of Puncak-Cianjur is empty of travelers

on the way from Jakarta to Puncak Pass the insulation seems very tight from the exit of the Jagorawi toll road to the Puncak-Cisarua area

Cianjur (medialnews) – The main road from Puncak-Cianjur in West Java is empty of travelers after the tightening imposed in almost all areas of Jabodetabek.

From the Antara sighting, to H-1 Lebaran, precisely at 00:00 WIB, vehicles passing on the main road of Puncak-Cianjur, can be counted on the fingers and dominated by two-wheeled vehicles with the numbers Cianjur police, dozens of co-officers in solitary confinement in the Puncak area, using more time to rest.

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The absence of the main road from Cianjur, can be seen all the way to the Cianjur-West Bandung border, to be precise at the Citarum-Haurwangi bridge, where the volume of passing vehicles can be counted on the fingers and dominated by vehicles at two wheels for short distant travelers who force themselves to pass.

Meanwhile, from the road from Bogor to Puncak Pass-Cianjur, passing vehicles are still needed to enter the segar Alam isolation post, where the joint officers remain vigilant and further strengthen the inspection of each passing vehicle, even if it is only a Cianjur moto.

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“Towards the change of day, passing vehicles can be counted on the fingers, but the insulation is still tight. At the Puncak Pass, we were checked, because we were equipped with a letter without COVID-19 antigen, we were allowed to pass, ”said Ikbal Selamet, a resident of Cianjur district when he met in Peak. Wednesday pass.

He explained that along the journey from Jakarta to Puncak Pass, the blockage seemed very tight from the Jagorawi toll road to the Puncak-Cisarua area, but the mission letter and certificate without COVID-19 antigen with which he had launched an official trip two of his colleagues.

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Cianjur Regent Herman Suherman said that although the main road to Cianjur is empty of vehicles, the tightening of inspections along the route is being intensified in an attempt to anticipate an increase in the number of travelers before the firsts. hours of the morning.

“We will keep the joint officers on alert, as per instructions from the central government until May 17. For the night before Eid, the information we get, the main route from Puncak-Cianjur, is devoid of motorized travelers or by car, ”Herman said.

Journalist: Ahmad Fikri
Editor: Ganet Dirgantara

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