The latest drama Move to Heaven premieres in May on Netflix, here’s a look at its story

medialnews – Netflix is ​​planning a lot of interesting shows that will air in May. One of the most popular is Korean drama or drakor.

There’s Lee Je Hoon who doesn’t just star in the latest Korean dramas. Taxi driver on SBS. Lee Je Hoon will also appear in latest Korean drama Go to paradise on Netflix.

The last Korean drama Go to paradise bringing together actors Lee Je Hoon and Tang Jun Sang. Some time ago this latest Korean drama released posters and tease video.

The story of the last Korean drama

This latest Korean drama tells the story of an ex-convict who is in desperate need of his life. He and his nephew who have Asperger’s syndrome are working on the Go to paradise.

Go to paradise

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Company Go to paradise itself provides crime scene clean-up services. They are responsible for packing the belongings of the deceased.

They will tell stories of people who have reached out to their loved ones. This latest Korean drama also stars Hong Seung Hee and Ji Jin Hee.

The latest poster released by Netflix features the three main characters in shades of yellow. Written on the poster for this new Korean drama, “We will begin the process of your final transfer.”

Go to paradise directed by Kim Sung Ho from How to steal a dog. The screenplay was written by Yoon Ji Ryun who was previously behind the Korean dramas angel eyes.

Korean drama Go to paradise will teach the meaning of memories and also the meaning of family. The latest Korean drama will air from May 14 on Netflix.


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