The last condition of Indah Kalalo’s husband after the accident: the fame of Okezone

JAKARTA – Indah Kalalo shared the last condition of her husband, Ibrahim Justin Werner after the accident. After being treated at a hospital in Bali, the Australian man was allowed to return home.

This can be seen in Indah’s upload to her personal Instagram account. The actress shared a photo of herself with Justin and their three children sitting in the back.

Justin’s condition appears to be in better shape. However, her face still looked swollen and had a bandage on her nose.

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Indah kalalo

“Home sweet home. Alhamdulillah, my husband can come home. Thanks for all the prayers and greetings for my husband’s recovery @ werns74 dear,” Indah wrote on Friday (5/21/2021).

Indah thanked the medical team who helped treat Justin while he was in the hospital. She also apologized for not having had time to answer her friends’ prayers as her husband struggled to recover.

“Sorry we can’t answer one by one, thanks for the love,” Indah wrote.

“To all of our family, friends and colleagues, who have helped us through all the processes, I am very grateful. Thank you for your prayers and your love, ”he added.

Previously, Indah reported that her husband was hospitalized due to an accident via his Instagram upload on May 9, 2021. In the photo, Justin appears to be lying weak with oxygen assistance.


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