The first ramadan was not with Aurel, Anang Hermansyah: we all lost my brother

medialnews – Singer Anang Hermansyah and his wife, Ashanty This is the first time that I feel myself not fasting with her first child, namely Aurel Hermansyah. Remember, since I officially became a husband Atta Halilintar, Aurel is no longer the one who lives with his parents at home.

Anang felt that there was a slight change in not fasting with Aurel Hermansyah. According to him, when he was with Aurel, he always built an atmosphere in the family.

“Yes, there is no gossip about him, he just lost him. We all lose and brother (Aurel) is a very happy person who always gives color to the family, yes we lose”, a Anang said in Pondok Indah, south Jakarta, Friday (4/30/2021).

1. Feeling lost

Not only Anang and Ashanty, but their younger children, Arsyi and Arsya, also felt that they had lost Aurel Hermansyah because they were not fasting together at home. In fact, her two youngest children often asked about her brother’s figure.

“Plus his little siblings, ‘Loli’s brother, Loli’s brother’,” Anang said.

2. Keep in touch

Even though they are no longer together, Anang and Ashanty continue to communicate with Aurel.

“If (the video call) goes, it goes. If the video call goes on,” Anang said.

3. Gathering plan on Hari Raya

In addition, Anang plans to reunite with Aurel Hermansyah on the day of the Eid negotiation.

“God willing, we will do our best, God willing, because no matter who Aurel is married today, there will be family plans, yes, there will be no problem, God willing” , Anang concluded.

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