The Covid-19 working group appreciates the decree of the Supreme Court on this circular letter

Wiku Adisasmito. Photo: Muchlis Jr. – Press Office of the Presidential Secretariat

medialnews, JAKARTA – The working group on the treatment of Covid-19 appreciates the decision of the Supreme Court (MA) regarding circular letter number 3 of 2020.

Speaking about the Covid-19 handling task force, Professor Wiku Adisasmito said the decision was fair and balanced.

“I would like to thank the members of the Supreme Court panel for making a fair and balanced decision,” Wiku told Graha BNPB on Thursday (20/5).

He considered the decision to support his party in its efforts to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia.

He stressed that the change in policy to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic was the government’s attitude towards the very dynamic development of a pandemic nationally and globally.

In addition, recognition is also given to people who are patient and always obey the rules, especially the rules of the traveler. Although there are validity periods and provisions in each region.

“It is only because the government holds the principle, the safety of persons is the highest law,” he said.

In addition, Wiku also appreciates the TNI, Polri, the village / sub-district post team, regents / mayors and governors as well as all those who are fighting tirelessly in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The hard work and collaboration of all parties is important to be the key to successful pandemic management.

“Hopefully the management efforts we continue to make in the future can free Indonesia from the Covid-19 pandemic.” And finally, coinciding with the spirit of the National Awakening Day initiated by Budi Oetomo on May 20, 1908, will be the capital to stand up and win against the Covid-19 pandemic and together. move towards advanced Indonesia, ”Wiku concluded. (tan / jpnn)

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