The coach asked Persija players to forget to win the first leg of the final

Yogyakarta (medialnews) – Persija Jakarta coach Sudirman asked his team to forget about the 2-0 victory in the first leg at Persib Bandung and focus on winning the second leg of the 2021 Menpora Cup final.

“We should not think that we have won the match so that the players stay focused and have the passion to win the match in the second leg,” Sudirman said during a virtual press conference after the first leg of the Menpora Cup final in Maguwoharjo. Stage. , Yogyakarta, Thursday evening.

According to him, the victory over Persib Bandung in the first leg is no guarantee that his team will be able to win the final of the second leg at Manahan Stadium, Solo on April 25, 2021.

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“There is a second game and of course we all stay focused, we keep trying to show our best. We shouldn’t feel like we’re superior,” he said.

Sudirman admitted that Persib Bandung is a team that has never lost. However, he is also aware that Persib has conceded every game.

Taking advantage of that weakness, he asked his players to attack and enter Persib Bandung’s penalty area.

“Because Persib Bandung is a team that never loses, but also not a team that cannot be scored,” he said.

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Sudirman said he deliberately gave confidence to young players Braif Fatari and Taufik Hidayat in the first leg of the final, which ultimately contributed two goals to Persija’s victory.

“We do have young players who have the potential to develop, but we also have to look at the frequency of matches. peak performance of higher players. “If the senior players are not in good shape, we will provide opportunities for young players,” he said.

Persija player Taufik Hidayat hopes that his one goal can be a trigger to develop further. He wants to be able to continue to increase the chance to play at Persija so that he can enrich his experience and contribute to the team.

“I am from Bandoeng and it will prove worthwhile to be in Persija. Hopefully the second stage can play better”, said Taufik.

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Reporter: Luqman Hakim
Editor: Irwan Suhirwandi

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