The 18th UWRF, “Mulat Sarira”, Self Reflection


UBUD, The gap in 2020, The 18th Festival of Writers and Readers (UWRF) is back from October 8 to 17, 2021 with the theme Mulat Sarira, which translates into Indonesian as “self-reflection”. The Festival will explore self-reflection, cultural introspection and human rights, looking at who we are, what unites and separates us, and what motivates our actions.

“We were trained by new normal and, with it, human values, benevolence, cooperation and love, come first. While we are thinking about which part of normal we want to go back, ”explained Janet. De Neefe, Founder and Director of UWRF.

This theme invites interesting discussions from literary figures, new writers, activists, academics and journalists, to discuss the importance of self-reflection and how the power of storytelling can connect us. across cultures.

Further explained, inspired by Hindu-Balinese philosophy, Mulat Sarira is a spiritual principle of weighing one’s actions, thoughts and values, which ultimately builds a deep sense of self-understanding in order to attain dharma or truth. Today, self-reflection seems more relevant than ever. The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a global crisis that is forcing people to completely reconsider about themselves and their communities.

This year’s festival will feature meaningful discussions, meaningful performances and touching readings, following strict COVID-19 health protocols with social distancing as recommended by the government.

Along with the announcement of the 2021 theme, the UWRF also returned with a Balinese artwork, Teja Astawa. Traditional kamasan style art, depicting human stories in a story set in classic, bold nature.

According to Teja Astawa Mulat Sarira means going back to tradition, because it is our root. “When I translate the theme of the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival into my work, I take elements of tradition that reflect the meaning of the theme itself,” he explained.

In its 18th year, UWRF is also celebrating aspiring writers (emerging) and famous (established), artists and activists, national and international, who will explore this theme from different angles.

“A period that has never happened before like today, one wonders what it looks like Mulat Sarira. Does our journey of self-reflection create a new culture of learning, self-improvement and new adaptation? Through cross-cultural and diverse perspectives on Mulat Sarira’s Bali-Hindu principles, we will explore how self-reflection and global introspection have influenced us all and the lessons we have learned will lead us into the future, ”explained From Neefe. *

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