Tears of being left behind for 10 years, Nuning Irpana doesn’t want marriage called off – wants divorce

medialnews – During a marriage ceremony and divorce divorce filed by Aliff Alli, Aska Ongi as a defendant revealed an astonishing fact. He presented evidence in the form of a marriage certificate and marriage certificate between Aliff and a woman named Nuning Irpana in November 2011.

When confirmed by KapanLagi.com, Aliff said he did not know Nuning. The Malaysian Pesinetron even admitted that he had never married a woman nine years his senior.

However, this confession was countered by Nuning, who eventually appeared in public. He said if it was true that the marriage started from the matchmaking event.

1. I don’t know where to look

After officially getting married and getting the wedding book, Aliff Alli left Nuning Irpana like this. As a wife, she had tried to find but to no avail as she did not really know who she was marrying.

“When I got married, my family was there, he also had a witness. Already (looking), but I don’t know where the address is because all the files were taken,” Nuning said when he met. at the Central Religious Court in Jakarta, Monday 5/24/2021).

2. Wanting to divorce, not canceled

With tears in her eyes, Nuning Irpana admitted to being shocked after being left without news for ten years. Suddenly, Aliff Alli asked for the annulment of the marriage. Now, he only asks for a divorce so that the two can continue their respective lives.

“I was surprised because we are legally married at KUA. My name is a woman, if there is no need to sort it out so that I can continue with my life, who can she continue with her life with. So take care of me first, ”Nuning concluded.

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