Tarawih 2021: Shorter Letter Reads, Finish Faster

Muslims return to Tarawih prayers at the mosque or prayer hall with restrictions.

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This year, Muslims in Indonesia can resume performing Congregational Tarawih prayers in mosques and prayer rooms amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Unlike in previous years, the number of worshipers was limited, the application of strict sanitary protocols and the selection of shorter letters in order to accelerate the completion of Tarawih.

As happened at Istiqlal Mosque on the first night of Ramadan 1442 Hijriyah, High Imam Istiqlal Nasaruddin Umar said his party deliberately prepared the Imam who led the Tarawih prayer with the selection of a shorter letter than under normal conditions.

“We have prepared an imam whose letter will not be as long as usual so that we can target that the implementation of the Tarawih prayer is still 20 cycles,” Nasaruddin told the Istiqlal Mosque in the center. from Jakarta, Monday (13/4) evening.

Istiqlal Mosque divides five waves for Tarawih, from Isya, Tarawih 8 cycles, 20 cycles to witir. This is so that the congregation does not go out at the same time and crowd after worship. Istiqlal invites the congregation that wants to follow the Tarawih 8 rakat prayer, then continue home.

Monitoring based Among, The congregation following the Tarawih 1 Ramadan prayer only fills a fifth of the total capacity given by Istiqlal, ie 2,000 faithful. Tarawih prayer begins around 8:00 p.m. WIB.

The prayers of Isya and Tarawih led by Anshoruddin Ibrahim ended around 9:00 p.m. WIB. Compared to normal conditions, Tarawih prayer in Istiqlal usually ends at 10:00 PM WIB.

The Istiqlal Mosque also implements strict Covid-19 prevention and health protocols. One of them is not to provide prayer rugs or rugs.

For this reason, the congregation that wanted to pray at the mosque located in central Jakarta was invited to bring a prayer rug from the house. “We urge people who want tarawih here to bring their own prayer rugs. Also make sure that the prayer rugs you bring are clean and washed,” the vice president of worship at Istiqlal Mosque told reporters, Abu Huraira, Monday (12/4).

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