Tangerang city government held a GeNose rapid test at two locations on Saturday

as a precaution to avoid a spike in cases, especially after the holidays

Tangerang (medialnews) – Tangerang Banten city government will hold a GeNose test or rapid expiration test at two crowded locations namely Tangcity Mall and Puri Beta Ciledug on Saturday (5/22) in an effort to suppress the spread of COVID-19 after the Eid holidays.

Tangerang Mayor Arief R Wismansyah in Tangerang on Friday said the GeNose rapid test was a preventative measure to avoid a spike in COVID-19 cases after the Eid holiday.

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“Tomorrow, Saturday evening from 7:00 p.m., a GeNose test will take place at Tangcity Mall and Puri Beta Ciledug with a target of 200 samples at each point, targeting visitors to shopping malls, cafes and restaurants,” Arief said during his meeting in the city of Tangerang. Government Center Building., Friday.

Arief continued, explaining that this was done as an anticipated step by the Tangerang city government to prevent a spike in cases, especially after the holidays, many people were still shopping or just meeting relatives in homes. restaurants and cafes.

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“Besides that there are still a lot of people doing economic activities, there are also a lot of travelers who have just returned to Tangerang City, so we are expanding it and adding more points to test for COVID- 19 “, he said.

Arief hopes the public will not be reckless with the current situation, remaining disciplined in applying health protocols and being wise in filling vacations given they are still in the midst of the COVID-pandemic. 19.

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“I hope the public will remain disciplined in implementing health protocols, not congregating and crowding to reduce the risk of transmission,” Arief said.

Journalist: Achmad Irfan
Editor: Ganet Dirgantara

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