Synopsis ‘MIRACLE OF LOVE’, Forbidden Love Aliando Syarief and Sitha Marino

medialnews – Aliando Syarief is now back on screen and curing his fans’ desire. Aliando stars in a soap opera titled KEAJAIBAN CINTA with Sitha Marino which will be broadcast on SCTV daily from 9:30 p.m. WIB. What will Aliando’s last soap opera look like this time, curious? There’s a little synopsis that leaked, check this out!

Awan Pratama, played by Atalarik Syach, is a very handsome and rich man. Cloud actually had a deep wound when Melati, his wife he loved so much, left him. Melati (Ananda Faturrahman) left her because she was harassed by Yudi (Sulta Djorghi), Awan’s best friend, and got pregnant. Finally, to heal his injury, Awan marries Elma (Maudy Wilhelmina), a widow who already has a 2-year-old daughter named Nagita (Jennifer Eve).

Awan Pratama played by Atalarik Syach (credit: SinemArt)Awan Pratama played by Atalarik Syach (credit: SinemArt)

Cloud is very surprised as it turns out that Melati called him to meet. Cloud is even more shocked when he finds out that Melati has taken him to meet him in prison. It turned out that Melati went to jail because she was accused of murdering a man named Nadir.

Melati cried and apologized because she left Cloud first, but now she really needs Cloud’s help. He asked Cloud to be encouraged to help their child. Cloud is very surprised because he has just found out that Melati has a child. Melati then asks Awan to go find their daughter, Tiana (Sitha Marino). Tiana’s presence was not welcomed by Elma. In addition, at that time Elma was also pregnant.

Jasmine leaves the clouds (credit: SinemArt)Jasmine leaves the clouds (credit: SinemArt)

Cloud himself really loves Tiana because he sees Tiana so much as Melati. This makes Audi, the biological son of Awan and Elma, hate Tiana a lot. Nagita, Elma’s son from a previous marriage, is even more neutral.

One day, Cloud must once again face the enemy of racing and his business, namely Bima Alvino, the real killer of Nadir who put Melati in jail. Cloud eventually clashes with Bima in a very dangerous racing match, until an accident occurs which causes Bima to die.

Aliando Syarief plays the figure of Darwin (credit: SinemArt)Aliando Syarief plays the figure of Darwin (credit: SinemArt)

Bima’s death certainly made Bima’s family very shocked. Plus, Cloud didn’t stop there. Cloud takes the opportunity to bankrupt the Alvino family. Galuh (Cut Keke) and their two sons, Bastian (Erdin Werdrayana) and Darwin (Aliando Syarief) believe that Awan is her husband’s killer and a destroyer of their family’s happiness. Galuh then raised his two sons by instilling in them that one day they should be able to get revenge on the Cloud family.

Years passed …

Tiana, Audy (Nabila Zavira) and Nagita were sent to a very luxurious school which is close to a very simple public school. Every day, Galuh, Bastian and Darwin can see the contrast in their lives.

Time flies. They are all growing up. Tiana has become a very beautiful girl and continues her career as a novelist. Tiana grows up to be a simple, sweet girl who is also a bit shy due to pressure from Audi and Elma. Tiana is very close to Awan.

Tania launched her first novel titled KEAJAIBAN CINTA. Awan Pratama is very proud of Tiana, Awan wants to celebrate at home with his family. However, Elma is angry with Awan’s different treatment of Tiana. The clouds seem to have more affection for Tiana than for Nagita and Audy.

Nobody knows, Tiana and Darwin are on good terms. Yes, they had a backstage relationship that is well hidden. Sometimes Darwin and Tiana actually let go of their family animosity.

Darwin and Tiana are already a couple (credit: SinemArt)Darwin and Tiana are already a couple (credit: SinemArt)

One day, Nagita went out the window at night. Tiana tries to stop Nagita. Nagita didn’t care. Tiana also followed Nagita. Nagita turns out to be a running challenge from Bastian.

But in the middle of the race, Cloud stopped them with his car. Bastian’s car struck Cloud’s car lightly due to sudden brakes. Cloud gets angry and demands compensation. Awan truly despises Bastian’s poor family. Unexpectedly, Galuh appeared. A commotion occurred, Galuh was deeply hurt by all of Cloud’s speeches. This makes the grudge burn even more in Galuh’s heart for the Awan family.

Darwin and Tiana celebrate the anniversary of their 3-year relationship. However, there is a worry in Tiana’s heart if their family one day finds out about their relationship. Tiana doesn’t want this special day to be sweet. Finally they remember their childhood, they have loved each other since school.

Darwin’s relationship with Tiana is like a miracle, amid hostility from both families. How’s the next story? Did Darwin and Tiana succeed in obtaining the blessing of their family?

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