Suspected of having an affair with Askara Parasady Harsono because his girlfriend with the initials A and having been positive for Covid, Nikita Mirzani Emotional

medialnews – Nikita Mirzani reveals that she has a new love heart. The man is known to have the initials A and has been exposed to Covid.

These two things make the public suspect that Nikita is in a relationship with Askara Parasady Harsono, who is the husband of Nindy Ayunda. The reason is that some time ago Aska also tested positive.

1. Emotions associated with Askara

When Nikita Mirzani asked this question, the mother of three responded with a little emotion. He hates being tied up just because his girlfriend has the initials A on and has been exposed to Covid.

“Hey, there are a lot of people catching Covid in Indonesia. Don’t continue here, continue over and over there. On your enjong, all of you, I’m surprised. Except for those who only have Covid, it is new, ”Nikita said. Plaza Indonesia, Thamrin region, South Jakarta, Thursday (4/22/2021).

2. You want to get married quickly

Additionally, Nikita Mirzani has revealed that she wants to get married soon. The reason is that he is not comfortable sleeping alone every night.

“Pray for next year. I really want to hurry (get married) cuy. Tired of sleeping alone, no one is alone, spoiled. (What’s your boyfriend’s name) is here … you know too, “concluded the film reader. TRAILER 8 this.

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