Susanto Novendra excelled on the first day of the JAPFA Grand Master Duel Match

Jakarta (medialnews) – GM Susanto Megaranto has a great opportunity to represent Indonesia in the 2021 World Chess Championship after a 1.5 – 0.5 lead against GM Novendra Priasmoro on the first day of “JAPFA Grand Master Duel Match” at Utut Adianto Chess School (SCUA) Bekasi, Tuesday.

With this advantage, Susanto only needs 1.0 points to win a ticket to the World Cup Chess taking place in Sochi, Russia, July 10 – August 6, 2021. One point can be scored by Susanto by one win or two draw on the second day. which will take place Wednesday.

The first day of airing passed flow YouTube channel, which completes two rounds. Susanto Megaranto (2550) won 1.5 – 0.5 against Novendra (2505), after the West Javanese chess player won the first round and a draw in the second.

When holding the white fruit in the first half, Susanto played neatly and aggressively, causing Novendra to take some weak steps.

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In the second half, however, Susanto received fierce resistance from Novendra in controlling the black fruit.

Susanto Megaranto, who started round 2 with the opening of Modern, eventually had to get a draw via a match of 69 steps.

“I was lucky enough to win in the first half, but I had to play extra hard to hold on to Novendra in the second half,” Susanto said after the game.

Susanto admitted that Novendra’s quality is currently improving, so he is seriously preparing to win the JAPFA Grand Master Duel Match, especially by learning a lot about his junior game.

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The duel between GM Susanto Megaranto and GM Novendra Priasmoro during the JAPFA Grand Master Duel Match is to select chess players representing Indonesia in the 2021 World Chess Championship through facilities. joker.

Indonesia will get two for the 2021 World Cup chess joker, one for male chess players and one for Indonesian female chess players. Wild Card for female chess players was given to WGM Irene Karisma Sukandar ,. However, Indonesia is sending two female chess players to the 2021 World Cup.

WGM Irene Kharisma Sukandar will be teamed up with WGM Medina Warda Aulia who was also previously supported by JAPFA Comfeed Indonesia TBK managed to secure tickets for Zonal 3.3 in Mongolia in 2019.

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Reporter: Dadan Ramdani
Editor: Irwan Suhirwandi

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