Suara Kayu presents song on Never Ending Nostalgia: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The Suara Kayu duo returned to productivity during the Covid-19 pandemic. This time the duo led by Dewangga Elsandro and Ingrid Tamara presented a song called 24 Hours.

The song 24 Hours tells the story of the happy feelings of the couple who want to spend time with him. Bring you endless desire.

“How do you always feel missing when you’re not together. When he’s been spending time together from morning till night, it turns out he still doesn’t have enough time. And how at night, when he is alone in his room and ready to sleep, he hugs a bolster in his arms and pulls the blanket while imagining that his partner is also at night, wanting to be together for up to 24 hours, ”said Suara Kayu.

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Sound of wood

This song conveys the Sounds of Wood characteristics by having unique lyrics and giving them a deeper emotional edge, and is packaged very nicely.

“This 24 hour song is quite short in the process of musical arrangement. During the recording day, I thought from start to finish about the full ukulele that drove because of the lullaby feel of the wooden sound version coming out. The rest is done in terms of chords, ambiance and selection of supporting instruments. The point is how to make this song a simple sleep song, even if the lyrics tell a story. Our impression of the song 24 hours, I hope this song can represent the voice of longing for him, wanting to spend all the time together. When you create a song and sing that song, you can feel the moment and smile to yourself. I hope all wooden voices can feel the same, ”Ingrid said.


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