Stabbing, Atta Halilintar’s response to Ade Armando’s spicy review: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Atta Halilintar responded to Ade Armando’s criticisms with very deep language.

The chaos of Ade Armando and Atta Halilintar began when Ade Armando teased Atta Halilintar through a video on YouTube.

“They are on their honeymoon in Bali, how come they use private planes? You don’t want to be on the same plane with ordinary people, do you want to feel special then you have to be apart from the average person? ” said Ade.

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Ade Armando’s criticism was immediately answered by Atta Halilintar. While not explicitly released, Atta posted a photo that appeared to be aimed at the communications expert.

The photo shows a black dot on white paper with a series of devotional phrases.

“What do you see? Maybe just a black spot, why? Even if the white is more dominant there. Yes, most people are easier to see 1 bad than 1000 goodnesses, even forgetting other goodnesses.

In fact, it is not the couple Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah who are in the spotlight. A series of Indonesian celebrities such as Raffi Ahmad, Nikita Mirzani and Andre Taulany became the topic of conversation for Ade Armando who was wrapped in a video titled “ATTA, RAFFI, ANDRE, STOP THIS LUXURY EXHIBITION”.

Their feud has now sparked controversy among the public. Some netizens agree with Ade’s criticism of Atta et al’s luxury display, but few defend Atta under the pretext of mere “content”.

“They are doing this for the sake of social media content, which is their job. I’m sure their social concern is great as well. But there are concerns that their hedonistic-flavored content could harm the younger generation,” the @ wrote. d2sptr account.

“That’s right, okay. Stop showing off your wealth even if you get it the right way, uneducated show, people in so many hardships. If I want 50 million, I have to borrow money. ‘money in the bank in 5 year installments, surely those full of wealth,’ write account @ AliRifa81403006.

“The real rich look simple. Money is used for investment. Remember that your body will age, your attractiveness will disappear. When this happens, I hope you are ready for a decline in your lifestyle, ”wrote another.

“Not showing luxury or wealth, the problem is how to find their livelihood, that way the money gets to them,” writes the @budisoma account.

“They do it for the content. After all, they also like to share if there is an area where there is a disaster. For me, there are many ways to find wealth, which is important not to corrupt public funds, “the Hanspit account wrote.

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