Sri Mulyani: PEN 2021 Budget Achievement Increased To Rs 134.07 Billion

Compared to February, IDR 24.6 trillion, this is a very large increase

Jakarta (medialnews) – Finance Minister (Menkeu) Sri Mulyani Indrawati said the 2021 National Economic Recovery Program (PEN) budget achievement reached IDR 134.07 billion, or 19.2% of the total ceiling of IDR 699.43 billion as of April 16.

“Compared to February 24.6 trillion rupees is a very large increase,” Finance Minister Sri Mulyani said Thursday at the KiTA state budget online press conference in Jakarta.

The achievement of Rp 134.07 billion covers the health sector Rp 18.59 billion, Rp 47.92 billion for social protection, Rp 14.9 trillion for priority programs, Rp 37.71 trillion for MSME and business support and Rp14.95 trillion for business incentives.

The health sector’s achievement was Rs 18.59 billion, or 11 percent of the Rs 175.2 trillion cap, including diagnostic tests and trace, therapeutic for the cost of treating 99,000 patients, healthcare incentives, COVID-19 drugs, communications for the 3M campaign, 3T and vaccinations as well as JKN contribution aid for 17.96 million people .

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Social protection achievement of Rp.47.92 percent represents 32 percent of the ceiling of Rp150.88 billion including PKH for 9.7 million KPM, Basic Food Cards for 15.93 million KPM, BST for 9.59 million KPM , BLT Village for 2.45 million KPM, Pre-Employment Cards for 2.4 million people, as well as Internet quota assistance for 26.99 million students and educators.

Then, for the achievement of the Rp 14.9 trillion priority program, it is 12 percent of the Rp 125.17 trillion cap. Which includes labor intensive K / Ls for 272 , 1 thousand workers, food security for the program. food industry and irrigation, as well as ICT for the provision of ICT infrastructure and public broadcasting.

Then the industrial zone for the development of strategic zones and investment and tourism programs for KSPN, ecotourism and the training of human resources.

In addition, the support provided for MSMEs and enterprises was 37.71 billion rupees, 20% of the cap of 191.13 billion rupees, including BPUM for 6.6 million enterprises, and IJP for UMKM for KMK guaranteed at 6.82 billion rupees.

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Next, the corporate IJP for KMK is guaranteed Rs 19 billion and the placement of funds in banks, with total loan disbursement since 2020 reaching Rs 359.99 billion to 5.05 million debtors as of March 26, 2021 .

Finally, the achievement of business incentives in the amount of Rs 14.95 trillion, or 26% of the Rs 56.72 trillion cap, includes the final DTP PPh of MSMEs for 248,275 WP and 21 PPh DTP for 88,235 employers. .

Then, a reduction in the brackets of 25 PPh for 63,530 taxpayers, preliminary VAT refunds for 367 taxpayers and a reduction in corporate tax rates that can be used by all corporate taxpayers.

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Journalist: Astrid Faidlatul Habibah
Editor: Risbiani Fardaniah

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