Splashy Rp. 128 Million Customer Money Lost, Bank Mandiri: Legitimate Transactions and Cannot Be Replaced: Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Bank Independent open votes on reports of loss of funds from clients on behalf of Asrizal Askha.

For information, a client of Bank Mandiri admitted that his money had been lost in the amount of 128 million rupees. The news was viral on Twitter. Based on the published story, this bad luck happened to the 49-year-old who had been saving money in one of the state banks for years.

“We are truly concerned and regret the loss. Based on internal investigations, the declined transaction is a valid transaction with Mandiri debit card and the correct PIN, so Mandiri Bank is not responsible and will not can not reimburse the lost funds, “Bank Secretary General Mandiri Rudi Atturidha said in Jakarta on Sunday (5/23/2021).

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According to the customer complaint record at call center 14000, it is estimated that the customer became the victim of a crime by using the debit card exchange mode and checking the PIN code because the debit card held by the customer is different from the registered debit card. at Bank Mandiri.

“During this time, the card used for transactions is no longer under the control of the customer,” he explained.

He also communicated and followed up on these issues to customers and other related parties.

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“We appeal to all clients of Banque Mandiri to protect your Mandiri debit card and the confidentiality of your PIN code and not to inform anyone, including people who claim to be employees of Banque Mandiri “, did he declare.

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