South Jakarta city government asked Pasar Minggu traders to be relocated

place it in another possible block location

Jakarta (medialnews) – Acting South Jakarta Mayor Isnawa Adji has asked PD Pasar Jaya, as leadership, to move the victims of the C Block fires to another block that can still accommodate Pasar Minggu Inpres Market.

“Immediately collect data on traders and place it in other existing block locations and still allow traders to be hosted,” Isnawa Adji said during a visit to Blok C Pasar Inpres Pasar Minggu in the south from Jakarta, Tuesday.

He also asked the market management to ban traders in Block C from entering the burnt down building because there were concerns that the building’s structure would be fragile after being engulfed in flames.

Isnawa said a total of 389 businesses were set on fire in Block C and most of them were staple food, fish and meat traders.

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Previously on Monday (12/4) the three-story block suffered a fire around 6.30 p.m. WIB.

It is believed that the fire originated from the basement which was inhabited by the grocery store until the chickens were alive.

The flames then spread to the upper floor.

Meanwhile, the block next door, Block B, was not affected by the fire.

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DKI Jakarta and South Jakarta Damkar officers beat the red rooster and the chill was carried out until 24:00 WIB.

There were no deaths in the fire at the 25-year-old market building.

Isnawa added that police are still investigating the cause of the fire at this time.

Journalist: Dewa Ketut Sudiarta Wiguna
Editor: Edy Sujatmiko

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