Sister Tells Sapri Pantun Hospital Timeline: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Sapri Pantun is currently in hospital due to diabetes. The comedian’s younger brother, Dolly, tells the chronology of his brother’s admission and hospitalization.

“On May 2, just after Maghrib, after the opening, he didn’t shoot, he cried. Apologize to her friends, ”Dolly said in Melaney Ricardo’s YouTube video.

Sapri Pantun

“He couldn’t continue (filming). He said he wasn’t strong. Well, on the 2nd he came home, on the 3rd (May) he went to the doctor,” he continued.

When he was admitted to the hospital, Sapri’s condition had started to deteriorate. He started to pass out, although he could still speak normally.

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“When he was admitted to the hospital he was able to rhyme, but his mind was unlike him. When I brought him to the ER in a wheelchair, he chanted to himself, laughing like he wasn’t clear, ”Dolly said.

Sapri Pantun

“He said, ‘Cook water to let it dry, cook water to let it die, Bang Sapri is not beautiful, it hurts.’ Then he laughed at himself, ”Dolly says, crying.

Information about Sapri Pantun’s disease was disseminated by Ruben Onsu via Instagram. In his post, Ruben presented a photo of Sapri lying on a hospital bed.


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