Since their marriage, Ibnu Jamil and Ririn Ekawati have never seen them in the cinema

medialnews – One year, the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world and Indonesia as well. In the same year, several entertainment venues were forced to close in an attempt to reduce the spread of the virus, and one of them was the cinema.

Yes, cinemas are one of the places that must be closed during the pandemic. Because the crowd level has enough potential to spread the virus. No doubt the audience really misses the chance to watch another movie on the big screen at the cinema, one of which is a partner Ibn Jamil and Ririn ekawati.

1. Never take my wife to the movies

Through his Instagram, Ibnu Jamil was eager to invite his wife, Ririn Ekawati, to watch a movie at the cinema. Also, since they officially got married, they never went to the movies as it was always closed.

As is known, Ibnu Jamil and Ririn Ekawati celebrated a wedding in January 2021. Their marriage took place in a closed and simple way because it was still in a period of pandemic.

2. I really want

From now on, the cinemas have started operating again by putting in place fairly strict sanitary protocols. And it also prompted Ibnu Jamil to invite Ririn Ekawati to watch together at the cinema.

“I really want to invite my girlfriend to the movies … I suspect someone is in the same boat as us … let me confess ???,” Ibnu Jamil wrote on his Instagram.

3. Remember the mother’s message

Not only Ibnu Jamil and Ririn Ekawati, of course, there are a lot of people who can’t wait to want to go back to the movies. In addition, theaters have started to function again, although not in number.

Now, for those KLovers who are ready to watch movies in theaters, you should always #RememberPesanIbu, always wear a mask, diligently wash your hands with soap, stay away from crowds, keep a safe distance, in order to avoid the spread of covid -19.

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