Since April left home, Grandpa Sumaji has been found alive in the skeleton: Okezone News

BLITAR – Sumaji (82), a resident of Ngrejo village, Bakung sub-district, Blitar Regency, who left his home since April 10, was found in a skeletal condition. In a teak forest, Kebonsari village, Kademangan district.

Sumaji’s identity was successfully identified from the remaining clothing that was still attached. “The identity of the human skeleton found by the inhabitants of the village of Ngrejo, district of Bakung,” Bripka Didik Dwi, public relations officer of the Blitar police force (5/28/2021) told reporters on Friday.

The skeleton was first discovered by residents searching for animal feed in the forest. The witness who was shocked immediately contacted other residents. The local apparatus of the village, including the police, were also immediately contacted.

“The police immediately contacted the community to find out if any family members were missing,” Didik Dwi said.

A family who claimed to have lost a family member came to the scene. They admit that a family member named Sumaji suddenly left the house.

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Since April 10, there has been no news. “They are invited to verify the findings of human skeletons,” Didik Dwi said.

Seeing the rest of the clothes worn, the family immediately believed that the human skeleton was Sumaji.

Meanwhile, when they received the report, officers immediately evacuated the human skeleton to the hospital. Currently, officers are still investigating the victim’s cause of death. “We are still carrying out investigations, in particular by asking for the testimony of witnesses,” Didik Dwi concluded.


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