Semen Padang links Sunarto and the Ohorella brothers to League 2

Padang, (medialnews) – The 11th Semen Padang Football Club (SPFC) paired Sunarto and brothers Ohorella, Ricky and Aimar Ohorella to join the team nicknamed “Kabau Sirah” ahead of the League 2 2021 competition.

The manager of Semen Padang FC Effendi Syahputra in Padang, Saturday, said his team continues to move to find players who will strengthen the team in the second cabinet league.

According to him, there will be movements every day until the team is complete and ready to participate in the second cabinet football league in Indonesia.

In fact, he continued, the certainty of the arrival of Sunarto, Ricky and Aimar Ohorella kept the number of players joining Semen Padang increasing.

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Sunarto is a winger who has defended Arema Cronos and Arema FC and joined Semen Padang FC last season, but unfortunately the competition was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Previously, the management had secured five players, namely three goalkeepers who had reinforced Semen Padang FC, namely Rendy Oscario, M Iqbal Bachtiar and Tegar Dadi.

After that there were two other players, namely young players Aulia Hidaya and Vivi Asrizal who had previously reinforced Persiraja in the Menpora Cup of 2021.

He also confirmed that six players stayed with Semen Padang. Starting with three young players who have been recruited since the beginning, namely Amar Prayogi, Johan Yoga and U-19 national team player Genta Alfredo. Then the fourth player is Rudi, then Rosad Setiawan and Vendry Mofu.

He added that a roster is also currently underway to find players who fit the team’s needs.

“We are currently still selecting to form a team,” said Effendi.

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Reporter: Mario Sofia Nasution
Editor: Rr. Cornea Khairany

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