Sans Sule, Nathalie Holscher attends DJ Katty Butterfly’s birthday party: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Nathalie Holscher is in the spotlight because of her domestic problems with Sule. He would also separate from the actor.

Not only that, she even came alone without her husband’s presence as she attended the birthday party for DJ Katty Butterfly’s son, Katherine. This is known from uploading a woman close to Aiman ​​Ricky on her personal Instagram.

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Nathalie Holscher

“Happy Birthday @katherinekty 04/24/2021,” DJ Katty Butterfly wrote in his upload quoted by MNC Portal Indonesia on Tuesday (4/27/2021).

In the download, the first photo shows Nathalie taking a photo with DJ Katty Butterfly, Aiman ​​and several other colleagues. Sule’s wife was also seen wearing a mask and posing with her fingers to form a sign of love.

Meanwhile, on the second slide, you can see Nathalie showing off her smile while taking a photo next to DJ Katty Butterfly holding her child.

Note, the chaotic house of Nathalie and Sule stood out after the former DJ deleted her photo with her husband. The comedian has even been accused of having an affair. Not only that, Nathalie is also known to be pregnant with Sule’s child. He also admitted that he always wanted to be alone.


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