Sandiaga Uno: enjoy the non-return program that we bring pleasure

JAKARTA, Kemenparekraf also supports government policies that eliminate homecoming and encourage people to implement the program. “Don’t go home, we bring fun

“The program was created and determined by Indonesian families themselves. Anyway, even if we don’t come home, we just bring cool. Right The government still authorizes the opening of tourist objects during the Eid holidays but those who can open already have a CHSE certificate ”, declared the Minister of Tourism. Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno.

Speaking at the “Extended Weekly Press Point” held on Monday evening (3/5), Sandiaga said CHSE stands for Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environment.

Tourist attractions that already have CHSE certification may be a destination for Indonesian families to take limited tours of local tourist objects, including stay in hotels for bond among family members at the same time refreshing.

“With one story, which we obey and discipline, the elimination of going home, the ban on going home. apply strict health protocols, wear masks, keep your distance, ”said Sandiaga.

To revive the community’s economy, Kemenparekraf and the industry are preparing tourist destinations that adhere to strict and disciplined health protocols.

It ensures that all tourist destinations apply the CHSE protocol. Indeed, there are several tourist sites in Indonesia which do not have or do not comply with the implementation of sanitary protocols (prokes) like the tourist sites of Bali which are still neglected.

“Some time ago there was a destination located in Bali and I immediately contacted the owner. I delivered a message and berated the local government and the local COVID task force, ”Sandiaga Uno said.

As a businessman active in various associations, including KADIN, Sandiaga admitted that many players in the tourism industry are from their own friends so they can remember.

“I give a firm and direct message, the importance of the CHSE protocol is a shared responsibility,” he added. As for the Prokes, we don’t play with that. The collaboration of different parties in monitoring tourist destinations that do not respect the CHSE protocol is very important ”.

This not only involves the central government and local communities, but also the involvement of the community, so that the CHSE protocol can continue to function properly in tourist attractions.

As the Eid festival approaches, Menparekraf Sandiaga asked all tourist destinations to pocket a CHSE certificate. “If you are still ignorant, we will not hesitate to close the tourist spot,” said Sandiaga Uno.

Shipping subsidy

Linked to the program Don’t go home, we bring fun. One of the topics discussed is related to postal subsidies (sis) for online shopping of local products. This program surfaced in accordance with government policy to ban return-to-home activities in Lebaran from May 6 to 17, 2021.

Usually, returning Jakarta residents spend their money in the area shopping for various family needs and buying various souvenirs. Now, with the ban on returning home, postal subsidies are a natural delight for MSMEs in the regions.

“The government will launch this program. The implementation is carried out by the Ministry of Commerce (Kemendag), which of course collaborates with companies that have e-commerce platforms within the Indonesian E-Commerce Association or Idea. Details will be announced by the Ministry of Commerce, ”said Sandiaga Uno

According to Sandiaga, this program is a form of government support amid economic hardship and the pandemic. “It’s part of innovation, adaptation, collaboration, where the incentive to postage is of course very necessary for MSMEs and the community when they cannot be present in their city of. origin. They have the option of purchasing Creative Economy Products for SMEs (Ekraf) as a delivery for Eid. ”

Previously, the Ministry of Commerce was discussing the National Ramadan Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas) speech. This discussion includes the provision of free postal subsidies.

Minister of Commerce (Mendag) Muhammad Lutfi said the project is expected to be completed soon. Harbolnas, by offering free delivery, can be done from D-10 to D-6 Eid.

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