Sandiaga named the elephant in TSI “Pulisia”, which means to restore Indonesia

Cisarua, Bogor (medialnews) – Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Salahudin Uno has named the baby elephant at the Indonesian Safari Park (TSI) in Bogor, West Java, “Pulisia” which means “restore Indonesia”.

“Pulisia’s name was given by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy on the sidelines of his visit to the ex-situ conservation agency Taman Safari Indonesia on Friday morning May 28, 2021, around 10:00 a.m. WIB,” said the public relations department of TSI Bogor, Yulius H Suprihardo in Cisarua, Bogor Regency, Sunday (30/5).

According to him, the baby elephant, who is less than a year old, is a breeding female in the Bogor Safari Park. Pulisia was born on December 15, 2020 to a male mother named David and a woman named Ganika.

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Yulius said that in addition to giving the baby elephant the name, Sandiaga also had fun playing with a little tiger. During his visit, Sandiaga was received directly by the board of directors of Taman Safari Indonesia, namely Jansen Manansang, Frans Manansang and Tony Sumampau.

Then also attended Daniel Hartono as CEO, Emeraldo Parengkuan as CEO and a number of employees.

“In his impressions and messages, Sandiaga Uno said that Taman Safari Indonesia, nature-based tourism and conservation, is a unique sensation for millennial to colonial generations,” said Yulius.

He said that Sandiaga’s visit to the Bogor Safari Park lasted around three hours and then continued his trip to Bogor.

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Reporter: Mr. Fikri Setiawan
Editor: Triono Subagyo

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