Said to come home if Tarawih don’t wear a mask

Yes, we are assertive

Jakarta (medialnews) – Several worshipers at Al-Furqon Mosque, Palmerah, West Jakarta were forced to return home because they forgot to wear a mask during Tarawih prayer on the second day of Ramadan 1442 Hijriah.

Mosque management deliberately placed supervisors at the entrance accompanied by local RT administrators so that residents who violated health protocols would be reluctant and decide to return home to retrieve masks.

“Yes, we are firm on those who violate sanitary protocols. We even put up an appealing poster inside and outside the mosque for the congregation to obey,” Al mosque president said. -Furqon, Ahmadi during his meeting before the implementation of the Tarawih Prayer, Tuesday evening.

Not only that, Ahmadi explained, the mosque with a capacity of 200 people can only be filled with half of 100 worshipers and the imam before starting the prayers will make sure that the distance between the congregations is one meter. .

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Then, always accompanied by the direction of the RT, each congregation that will perform the Tarawih prayer must have their body temperature checked with the help of an examiner.heat gun“.

“At each entrance, we place officers to check the body temperature of visitors accompanied by RT administrators,” Ahmadi said.

The implication of the local RT-RT leadership, Ahmadi explained, is to make sure that the participants in the Tarawih prayer are those who live nearby.

Ahmadi said that if there are visitors to the mosque who are not local residents, there will be an appeal regarding the DKI provincial government policy regarding restrictions on the implementation of Tarawih prayers.

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Not only that, the committee also asks visitors to bring prayer rugs (prayer rugs) to attend Tarawih prayers.

As you enter the mosque, you can see that in the corners of the room there is hand sanitizer available (hand sanitizer) ensure that the conditions of the congregation and the hall remain sterile.

Ahmadi hopes that after Lebaran the pandemic will end soon so that activities in mosques such as recitals and the like can go back to normal.

“Hopefully worship, including recitation, will return to normal soon after Eid,” Ahmadi hoped.

Journalist: Anisyah Rahmawati, / Ganet Dirgantara
Editor: Edy Sujatmiko

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