Rukyatulhilal NU East Java results in 27 locations: 30 days of fasting

Rukyatulhilal. Photo / illustration: archives

medialnews, SURABAYA – The Falakiah Institute of East Java Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) held the rukyatulhilal in 27 locations on Tuesday (11/5) afternoon to determine the start of Syawal 1442 Hijriah.

However, none of the perukyat saw the new moon as a sign of the arrival of a new moon.

“Hilal is still not visible,” East Java NU Falakiyah Institute chief Shofiyullah said after confirmation.

Therefore, fast from Ramadan 1442 H until Wednesday (12/5). Thus, 1 Shawwal 1442 H just fell on Thursday (13/5).

“The fast in Ramadan will be istikmal or 30 days completed,” Shofiyullah said.

Gus Shofi – his nickname – admitted that he predicted the new moon would not appear today. Because the fast is always until the 29th day.

He estimates that currently the new moon is always less than three degrees below the horizon. The condition for the sight of the new moon in Indonesia is at least two degrees above.

“The height of the sun is minus one and the height of the hilal is minus three degrees,” he said.

Gus Shofi added that the surveillance conditions at the 27 points were not constrained by the weather. “Alhamdulillah, the weather is favorable, it is very sunny,” concluded Gus Shofi.(mcr12 / jpnn)

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